On the left-hand side of a Facebook business page, you’ll discover Posts to Page. Here, posts that users have made on the page–along with posts in which the page is mentioned–are proudly displayed. It doesn’t have to end there, however. Here are ways to make use of those posts to better your business.

  • Show you care by replying promptly. Whether it’s praise from a satisfied customer or a rant from a peeved one, make sure you reply–not only is it good customer service, but it also assures third parties that your brand is friendly and accessible.
  • Keep track of common inquiries. If a question keeps reappearing, or a complaint keeps popping up, push it onto the agenda to be addressed. Update your FAQ page, fix a problem, or bring back an often-requested product.
  • Hide inappropriate posts. Inevitably, someone will spam your page. If the post is completely irrelevant, clean it up by choosing “Hide Post.”
  • Share standout posts. When you click on the timestamp for any given post, you’ll be taken to a new URL. From there, click on the down-facing arrow and select “Embed Post” to be given an embed code for your website. This is a great way to share testimonials to your business site or blog, and best of all, it links right back to your Facebook page and point of sale.

Do you monitor your Posts to Page? How has it helped your customer service?