You can choose existing Instagram posts to add to the Soldsie feed (Add Post). Your Soldsie app also allows you to schedule posts for Instagram and the Soldsie feed (+Schedule).

Add Post

Navigate to your posts by selecting Manage from the left hand menu, then Posts. You will see the posts you currently have on your Soldsie feed.

Click Add Post. 

A window will pop up with the posts on your Instagram that have not been added to your Soldsie feed. (If you see a loading screen for more than a few seconds, check to see that your Instagram account is active and has at least one post.)

Select an image to add links to that post and push it to your Soldsie feed. For this example, we are choosing the second image from the left.

Once you click on the image, you will have the option of adding a new link, or adding an existing product. Add New Link will allow you to link the image with the product URL(s). Add Existing Product allows you to choose from links you have created in the past, or products you have synced from Shopify. Once you are done adding links to the post, click Create Post.


Scheduling a post creates a brand new post for Instagram, and while you have the option of adding a link for Soldsie, it is not required.

To schedule a new post, click +Schedule.

 The scheduling window will appear. Under Select an Image, click “Choose File” to upload the image or video file you would like to post to Instagram. Fill in the date and time under When? (By default, the time will be set to your current time zone.) Next, write a Caption. If you intend to make the post shoppable on Soldsie, we suggest adding a call to action: “Click the link in our bio to shop!”

You can choose to add the post to your Soldsie feed by adding one or multiple links. Click Add New Link or Add Existing Product as per the instructions above. When you’re finished, click Schedule.

Please note that if you are scheduling through desktop, the post will not automaticall