For those of you who are using Shopify for your e-commerce site, we are excited to help you get your products onto your Soldsie dashboard quickly and easily!

Shopify Integration for Soldsie

To begin, sign into your Soldsie dashboard and go to Settings–>Platforms.

Next, you will  see a section for Shopify where you will add your Shopify URL.  Once you paste or type your Shopify store URL, click Connect and you will then be prompted to add your Shopify login credentials. Once you do this, you will be prompted to install the Soldsie Shopify app.  Going ahead and accept and you’re all set! 

*Please note that the Shopify URL is the URL given to you by Shopify. 

Once you have connected your Shopify under Settings–>Platforms, view your products by clicking on “Manage” and “Products”.  Here you will see all of your products from your Shopify site as well as any products you have added manually. If you want to add products or content not on your Shopify site, Click “ADD PRODUCT” to manually input the product details.

 Now, when you go to add a post to your Soldsie feed, you will just need to select ADD POST then ADD EXISTING PRODUCT and you will be able to search and choose the product to connect.  Simply click CREATE and your post will be connected to the product and will be live on your Soldsie feed. 

Now you can easily add your Shopify products to your Soldsie feed from your dashboard on the fly!  Check out our support center for more articles on using Soldsie here.