This is the dashboard where you manage your brand’s Soldsie feed!  You’ll be able to add and remove products to populate on your feed as well as monitor analytics around how your followers are interacting with each post.  You can login here to begin.     

Step 1: Connect Instagram

Create your Soldsie page by connecting the Instagram account you want to create Soldsie for.  Each Instagram page will have it’s own Soldsie page.  Remember, your Soldsie page is not live until you connect your Instagram page. 

Step 2: Add Product to Populate your Soldsie Feed

Now you’re connected and you’ll be able to start populating your Soldsie feed by adding products.  Click the “Go” to begin adding products.     

You’ll see a pop up showing your most recent posts from Instagram.  Select the post you want to add a product to.   After adding a product to your post, it will appear on your live Soldsie feed for your followers to shop!

Once you click the post you want to add a product in, you’ll be able to paste the URL of the product page from your e-commerce site here.   Once you do this, click “Save” and the post is now live on your Soldsie feed!  Do you want to send traffic from this post to a blog post or another page?  No problem, as you can paste any URL here to send followers from your Soldsie feed.

Each photo has the option for multiple products or parts.  You click on “add new link” for each additional URL or product you would like to identify within the post. You can add the product name, description, URL and an optional thumbnail photo of the individual product that will be visible when you tap the post. Remember that the URL that you insert will redirect your followers to your selected content or E-commerce page.

This is what a post with two separate products will look like before you add it to your feed. 

Step 3: Publish Your Soldsie Feed on Instagram

Now that your Soldsie feed populated with products, add the URL to your Instagram’s profile so your followers can begin to discover and shop your Instagram! During setup, you should receive a popup providing you with your link to add to Instagram. You can find your brand’s Soldsie link at anytime by looking on the left hand side of your dashboard.

Copy and paste your brand’s Soldsie link in to the website bio of your Instagram account. Click submit and you should see that your site is up and running! 

Your Soldsie dashboard will check in before completing the process to see if you added the link successfully.  Close this popup and you are all set!