Customize the UTM codes that get appended to your product links in Soldsie.  We automatically default to the current parameters for the UTM codes: 

  • UTM Source: soldsie
  • UTM Medium: referral
  • UTM Campaign: yymmdd_productname

If you want to customize the UTM Source and UTM Medium, go to Settings–>Tracking.

Here, you’ll see fields to customize the UTM Source and UTM Medium.  Just input the text you want us to automatically append to your Soldsie product links and click Save Tracking to save changes.  Also, you can turn off the automatic UTM Campaign parameter.  

Have a one off UTM code you want to append to a singular product?  Not a problem, just add it to the URL when creating/saving that product.  If a product URL has UTM parameters already appended, then this will override any of the global settings here in Settings–>Tracking