Customize your Soldsie Feed by going to Store–>Details.  Here, you can customize the messaging and the way your feed looks.   These are the details you can customize on this page:  

  1. Store Name: This defaults to the store name you signed up with, but change it as you want. 
  2. Brand Image: The image will default to your current Instagram profile picture.  Select a different photo to customize what followers will see on your feed!
  3. Greeting Message: Input an on brand message to welcome your customers upon visiting your feed!  Use emojis here to make it visually appealing.  
  4. Theme Color: Select a color or enter the HEX code if you know what your brand uses! 
  5. Shopper Registration: Want to collect your follower’s email addresses for marketing purposes?  Toggle these two fields ON or OFF.  When customers register they appear on your Customers tab.  This will also serve as a way for customers to register for when we launch shoppable Soldsie.    
  6. Newsletter Opt In:  We’ve built in a newsletter opt in with the Shopper Registration so you can see who opting in as a subscriber to your brand newsletters.   You can turn this ON or OFF with this setting.  It will only appear if you have Shopper Registration turned ON.