Erin Tinsley opened the doors of Bel Boutique in July 2008 with a focus on wearable, lifestyle clothing and accessories. Located on Main Street in downtown Dover, Delaware, Bel Boutique is the home and workplace of five tight-knit employees who take pride in managing the only shop of its kind in town.

Newly married with four dogs, Erin works hectic hours to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When she’s not jetting to New York City to buy new merchandise, for instance, she’s setting up camp in the great outdoors or traveling overseas.

A member of our team at Soldsie reached out to Erin just in time. Having heard of Facebook auctions and flash sales before, she did some research before realizing that Soldsie was just what she needed to manage her sales. “Soldsie takes it to a different level,” says Erin, who now uses the app to sell on Facebook once a week. “It’s been a perfect fit for the store, and customers are very happy with it.”

Bel Cover

Not only does Bel Boutique get more online exposure with Soldsie, but employees are now equipped to fulfill orders quickly and easily. (Erin loves how easy it is to track inventory, schedule sales, and set up automatic invoicing.) So much so, in fact, that the Facebook auction app has replaced the store website as the face of Bel Boutique online.

Since the sales started, Erin’s seen a “nice, organic bump” in her Facebook Talking About This number from increased likes and comments. She also fields emails from customers who want to know if they can still buy Soldsie items in the store.

The items that do best on Soldsie, shares Erin, are lower-priced goodies like statement necklaces, bold bangles, and clothing with fun prints. Erin now buys items specifically for her Facebook auctions, creating an exclusive inventory that her customers adore.

We’re excited to have Bel Boutique in the Soldsie family. Erin’s next steps are to make more sales, travel more often, and sell on Instagram…we can’t wait!

Join Erin on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm ET for her weekly Bel Boutique Facebook auctions!